All Saint's Church

Location: 279 Bagdad Road, Youngs Cove, Queen's County, NB
(nearby postal code E4C 2H1)

All Saints Church was built in 1895 on land donated by Robert Eden Jeffery. It was built mostly by local labourers and farmers under the direction of Rev. Harrington and served approximately 40 people. The church was built on a rock foundation and had a cedar shingled roof. The first service was held March 3, 1895 and was not consecrated until 1910. All Saints church originally was part of the Parish of Johnston.

The cross on top of the church was built and installed by local storekeeper, Oscar Hawkins of Youngs Cove Road. The church was heated by a wood stove located at the back of the church; wood was supplied by the local farmers. The church was lit by oil lamps for well over fifty years. These lamps fitted in sconces around the exterior walls and had reflectors back of the globes. Later hanging oil lamps were used; given to All Saints by Saint Luke’s Church, Youngs Cove Road.

The oldest tombstone in the adjoining cemetery is Mrs. Jane (William) Muir-Jeffery 1845-1917. The first baptism recorded in the register in the Parish of Johnston was Jenny Elsie Jeffery on August 29, 1895.

All Saints became part of the Parish of Cambridge & Waterborough on June 26, 1968. All Saints has been used up until 2009 by descendants of the original Jeffery family. While regular Sunday Services are not held here, the church is still used for special occasions.