Saint Luke's Church

Location: 6689 Route 105 Youngs Cove, NB
(nearby postal code E4C 2C2)

Rev. Abraham Wood from Yorkshire, England was the first rector in the area and he served the Parish from 1823-1863. On December 8, 1836, a grant of land was given to the Rector of St. John's Anglican Church. It also included land at the current site of Saint Luke's Church as well as a parcel of land in Chipman. The deed for Saint Luke's was officially registered by Samuel Scovil on August 31, 1841. A statement of the principle parts of the work to be done on the new church was released on May 2, 1842. A contract to complete the work was pledged by the contractors on August 20, 1846 and signed by the Right Rev. John Medley of Fredericton. The church was consecrated on July 7, 1853 by Archbishop Medley. The wooden steeple cross fell off the Church in 201o and was replaced with an aluminum metal cross made by Stephen Snodgrass which was donated in part to the Memory of Stewart Greenwood.

Saint Luke's is the largest church in the parish-seating approximately 125 people. It is still available for weddings funerals and regular services as required.

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